Young couple opens doors to a creative agency aimed at empowering business owners.

The Craddock Group
22 September 2020
Johannesburg, South Africa
This Johannesburg based couple is not only a duo in life but in business as well. Directors of The Craddock Group, Keagan Craddock and La-Tasha Pucoe (soon to be Craddock) have opened doors to a creative agency that aims to service business owners who need skilled professionals that can add value to their business from a digital and creative standpoint.
If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it would be that all businesses need to learn how to make the internet work to their advantage. The sad reality is that many businesses have either closed their doors or have lost tons of money during lockdown, especially those that are not familiar with eCommerce and the world of Digital Marketing.
“We understand that business owners have a lot to focus on when it comes to the daily operations of their business. That is why it is important to rather hire a results-driven creative agency that can focus on the Digital Marketing, Creative Design and Digital Public Relations while you as the business owner focus on providing a great product or service.” expresses Keagan Craddock
The Craddock Group’s recipe for growing an existing or new brand is simple: They make sure that your brand is suitable, memorable and tells your story. They strive to deliver excellent work, and treat their clients as co-creators. In return their clients view the company not merely as vendors, but as partners.
“We are a bunch of creative, skilled and tech savvy individuals that weave the smartest marketing intel into everything we do. #TeamTCG writes powerfully, designs beautifully and communicates memorably. We don’t limit ourselves to one niche but instead, we acquaint ourselves with each client’s industry.” expresses La-Tasha Pucoe
The Craddock Group’s creative strategies energize business objectives and keeps the client at the forefront of people’s minds with campaigns & constant interactions that work. Every client deserves the best team to always push their business out to new & existing clients.
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